Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoe Club
Just before 3 pm on September 3rd, the violent weather event known as the “microburst” swept through a small area of Santa Barbara. During that fifteen minutes of time, all of SBOCC’s canoes and equipment were damaged or destroyed. The unfortunate event blew away and overturned our seven full-sized 6-man canoes, turning them into broken parts, and completely demolished our rack that held seven other 1- and 2- man canoes. 

We are going through the insurance claims process and even if all goes as we hope for, the replacement and repair maximums still leave us with an expense of $15,000 and likely more, to have our racing fleet back in gear for our members. We are working hard to have them all back in functional racing shape before the season starts in March 2018.

Successful'Ohana Microburst Fundraiser!
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