Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoe Club

New members are always welcome. Whether you've never tried it or you're a veteran paddler, come join us at the yellow and white canoes next to Sea Landing in the Santa Barbara Harbor. We are always looking for individuals who want to commit to training and competing at all levels.

The best time to join the team is during our recruitment season in February. The official season begins in March. After that, the members are training hard for the many races that begin in May and continue through September for Southern California races and until November for the Hawaiian races. Please contact if you have additional questions.

Outrigger canoe racing is for athletes who understand the demands of training to be a better and stronger paddler; and one who enjoys teamwork and being on the ocean. This is a water sport with a rich tradition in Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, which are built into most of our club’s events. Being able to swim is a MUST! All recruits have to pass a swim test before becoming a member. This includes a 100-200 meter lap swim, treading water for 10 minutes non-stop and pulling yourself up from the pool without assistance of a ladder at the deep end. No paddling previous experience is necessary although knowledge of the water through other water sports can be helpful. We are a competitive racing team so athletes from other sports tend to do well with our training program. Paddling outrigger canoes can be both peaceful (picture being out on the water in the stillness of an early morning or as the sun is setting) and invigorating (racing!).

To experience this traditional sport, come to our annual recruitment meeting, which includes a dry recruitment, one wet recruitment to try out, and the swim test and when you are ready to join. Wear appropriate clothing such as swim trunks/shorts and synthetic fiber shirts (though cotton is okay) since paddlers can get a little wet. Depending on weather and time of day, also bring a hat, sunglasses, wind proof jacket, and wear sun block. Canoes, paddles, and a safe place to store belongings are provided.

For more information, contact Head Coach John "Juanie" Storrer