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2023 Dues

Dues for the 2023 season are $400. Please pay via check (please make it out to Santa Barbara Outrigger Canoeing Club) or PayPal. It is possible to pay these dues in two installments of $200.Please see below how to pay via PayPal.

3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Club Member:

(All steps must be completed or membership is not valid)

Step 1: Update your 2023 SCORA Paddler registration and fill out SCORA waiver

SCORA Paddler Instructions: (Can also be found at under SCORA Info, Insurance)

Every paddler must update their SCORA ID profile and use the Smartwaiver system. No exceptions.

Getting Started:

You can complete on a smartphone, tablet or computer (touchscreen will be easier for signature). Know your SCORA ID before starting the process. If you do not know your SCORA ID, you can log into your paddler account on and find it there.


SCORA Registration Update Profile


1. After registering, you'll be directed to the SCORA Smartwaiver.

2. Select who is participating

      — Adult

      — Minor = 18 & Under

3. Fill out the information accordingly - you must enter your club affiliation and SCORA ID in order to complete it. Please do not enter a fake SCORA ID.

Step 2: 2023 SBOCC Membership Agreement Form

All SBOCC members must fill out an online membership form. You will need to enter your SCORA ID and insurance information, so be sure to have that information in front of you.

Step 3: Membership Dues

Membership dues for 2023 are $400 and can be paid in full at the start of the season or in 2 installments of $200. If paying in full please submit dues by March 15th.

If paying in two installments:

  • The first installment is due March 15th 

  • The second installment is due May 1st

Please deposit dues checks in a clearly marked envelope, in the red box inside the club box, or pay via PayPal with an added convenience fee of 2% per transaction.

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